GDPR – The View from The Top


GDPR – The View from The Top

It is all very well taking our word for it – but when the biggest technology companies in the world have a point to put across concerning GDPR and the potential ramifications, we like to think we all listen.

Academia are proud to partner, align and work with world class vendors, distributors and frameworks that form the backbone of our full-scale Technology solution service.  As a customer comes first business, we have researched, formulised and had many a sleepless night in putting together our true overview of what the General Data Protection Regulation means to your business. Our simple guide outlines all you need to know:

  • Apple – Authorised Reseller – The official word from Apple is there is no official word, but it is clear that the data held within the iCloud is what will come under scrutiny. Apple will have to deal with new, stricter rules regarding the collection, storage and processing of personal data, and will no doubt make its stance clearer in the coming weeks


  • Google – Google for Education Partner – The Google message is clear. Data processing terms for G Suite and Google Cloud Platform clearly articulate their privacy commitments to customers – Google is the Data Processor; the Customer is the Data Controller.


  • HP – NDNA Gold Partner – HP have taken GDPR very seriously and announced way back in 2016 the availability of a comprehensive set of software solutions that will help organizations simplify and streamline compliance. To help companies meet the pressing demands of the GDPR, HPE offers flexible, modular, and intelligent solutions that address the articles outlined by the GDPR.


  • Adobe – Creative Cloud Partner – As part of Adobe GDPR readiness project, they are enhancing their products, services and processes, as necessary with the new laws. With compliance being a shared responsibility, Adobe are working with Academia to comply with all regulations affecting the Creative Cloud and Esign products.


  • Microsoft – Partner and Reseller – Microsoft outlined early their commitment to all things GDPR and are officially fully compliant across their cloud based services.  Office 365 does have data that will need to be scrutinised per company on how it is stored and used.


  • Sophos – Security Partner – as a Data Security service provider, Sophos are at the forefront of preparing to support its clients with GDPR issues. They are helping Academia Implement a data protection strategy that includes encryption and anti-malware security for customers.


  • O2 – Enterprise Partner – O2 is making concerted efforts to build new products and services for customers based on new ways of utilising personal data, understanding that mobile plays a huge part in GDPR. The case is clear – GDPR for O2 is an opportunity to gain better trust and create tools for them to understand how to better use their data.


  • Exertis Unlimited – Hardware Distributer Partner – EU has signed a distribution agreement with ESET, a provider of security software for consumers and businesses from antivirus and malware protection to multi-layered security. This secures the requirement for GDPR compliancy.


  • LocknCharge – Product Partner – LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality and most functional security, charging and transport solutions for storing Laptop, Tablet, Chromebook, iPad and other mobile devices. GDPR stance is simple; stored data is 100% secure on mobile transported devices.


  • DotMailer – Email Marketing Platform Provider – Responsible for handling Academia’s own essential email data, DotMailer have created the Trust Centre to adhere to all GDPR regulations. New terms of consent, legacy data, implementing a compliance system and profiling are the 4 areas that are being addressed and ratified as we type.


  • STM – Product Partner – STM provide rigid, rugged and complete secure cases for tablets and mobile devices. Their rule is simple, closed data is secured in their products


  • Security Xtra – Product Partner – SX specialise on Apple security so understand the need for desktop equipment to be locked and secured. The GDPR message is how to prevent individual machines from physical data removal.


  • Rizikon – Software Partner – If one company was born to combat GDPR, then it is Rizikon. From Crossword, It’s a cyber risk assessment tool, developed from research at the Centre for Cyber and Security Sciences at City University, London, enabling Academia to source and fix any lingering questions you may have.

It is important to point out that GDPR is fantastic news for consumers who really do not need to do a thing. GDPR is about giving back control of Data to the consumer.  The hard work is left to Technology companies like Academia to help solve the issues that many schools, universities, businesses and start-ups face. 3 of our own services, Revive IT, Charterhouse Muller and Tech Services, are in the front line for offering a bespoke solution to GDPR:

revive it

Revive IT

Promoting the re-use of IT assets using a secure and sustainable process. When IT assets reach the end of their working life for your organisation, it doesn’t have to mean disposal. Our ReviveIT process offers organisations a high security service to data wipe, refurbish and remarket used IT assets, returning residual value to our clients.


Charterhouse Muller

Charterhouse Muller, Part of the Academia Group, are a leading UK specialist in digital asset management, ensuring that your business is protected from data loss, software wastage and disposal compliance.

Academia Tech Services

The Academia in-house team are on hand to answer all those lingering questions about data and the regulations you need to follow as they are the ones who work with ALL the aforementioned partners.

Your patience will be rewarded…..

As thank you for us taking up your valuable time to read this blog, here is a very handy tool to see if your email address and subsequent data has ever been owned by a third party – yes, why do you get so much spam?

For more information and to find out how our solution experts can help with your data security, please call 01992 703 900 or email


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