Football and Education A perfect match?

It has long been a bone of contention with educationalists that professional football clubs offer no role model status to those in education, in spite of constant claims by the Professional Footballers’ Association that improvements continue.  Claiming the extravagant spending and lifestyles of the rich and famous footballing elite can be seen as influential role models to school children is often derided among academics.  Does football have a place in the school curriculum?

Academia partners with Queens Park Rangers football club, acting as the official technology partner for the Championship team. It supports the club with its technology needs, its social awareness and the great work with local charities and community programs.

With this partnership, we are helping advance technology education to a growing audience in West London, as well as connecting to the broader world fan base that QPR achieves via its extended network of supporters.

We are also keen to blend the 16 years of educational experience into the football club to help use the sport of football as a viable education tool. We are helping to do this by re-launching the learning and teaching centre at the Loftus Road Stadium.

This re-fit and re-launch of the matchday centre is key to our new investment into bringing the business and culture of football into education.  The learning centre, with funding from the PFA and support from our furniture partners Zioxi, is being transformed into a vision of the classroom of the future.   Complete with the latest classroom designed furniture and learning apparatus, the centre aims to showcase the best in football and technology to over 250 local schools and communities in the West London area.

Opening in February 2019, the new Learning Centre from Academia will have pride of place at QPR football club.  With access to the world’s biggest technology vendors, Academia is providing the local area with exclusive access to the latest in hardware and software support, while working with the QPR Community team to enhance the message of the spirit of football as a focus point for lower level learning.

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