Flash is Dead. Long Live the Cloud!

Flash! A-Ah! It saved every one of us!

The Adobe Flash Plug-In has and always be a part of my digital development – to be able to watch video’s with the satisfaction that I had indeed complied to the never ending requests to download the plug-in player was a thing a self-achievement.

But in the fast paced world of technology innovation, there will always be casualties as we strive for perfection in our digital development.  The recent news that Adobe is to kill off the much maligned Flash Plug-In should not be a surprise. Even the great Steve Jobs himself was the fiercest critic

What should be a surprise is that Adobe is much more than a flash in the pan – and yes, it still can save every one of us.

As a dedicated partner, Academia are best placed to showcase the Adobe Creative Cloud, the platform that gives you the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps, from essentials like Photoshop to innovative new tools like Adobe XD

Operating with seamless ease, those in need of creative help cannot and should not look beyond the Cloud based apps as your support provider for tools to drive production of lesson plans, business strategies and of course, creative design ideas and templates. The Desktop Icons are like the who’s who of celebrity apps – Photoshop is joined by Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom to offer editing in photos and videos, graphic designs in publications and website creation with UX and animations.

At a recent Academia partnered event, a crowd of eager Adobe enthusiasts were treated to a one to one training workshop on the inner workings of the creative cloud – getting the full hands on experience to understand why the computer software giant is alive and kicking.

Existing in the Cloud and operating as multifunctional tools in Education and Business, its time you learnt how it can work for you.  Out of the fire, into the new pan so to speak. For more information and how to get your Adobe license please follow the link:

Creative Cloud for Education

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