Don’t Waste IT, ReviveIT

Our ReviveIT service collects unwanted IT assets, wipes all the data and returns any remaining value within them. This value can be used to fund new devices or we can simply refund the credit to your account for other projects. We also send certificates of data destruction for you to keep on record.

Here are some example values:

  • iPad Air 2 from £50 + VAT          
  • 5 iMac 2015  from £200 + VAT       
  • 13’ MacBook Pro 2015 from £170 + VAT

Our ReviveIT service promotes the re-use of devices, so not only can you benefit from a financial return for your unwanted equipment, you are also helping to reduce the volume of IT assets being sent to landfill, which is a win for our planet. By re-using equipment, we disrupt the ‘take, make and dispose’ lifecycle, reducing the global demand for new IT assets and the consumption of rare earth materials and natural resources associated with the supply chain.

If you are planning a refresh or have unwanted assets you are unable to re-use in-house, contact us today for a free valuation and to discuss your options.

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