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6 reasons why security is more than protecting your cloud data

Data, in all its free floating and cloud roaming glory, will always face the possibility of never ending Cyber-Security hacking and GDPR compliance checks that will test the patience of even the sternest IT manager. Data will always talk if perpetrators are willing to listen.

The question we ask is simple – where is your data accessed in the first place? On your phone?  Tablet? Desktop PC?  When actually reviewing the sensitive materials online – you are viewing via a hardware device.  A device that is commonly more sceptical to going missing then you actually realise.

Our friends and partners at SecurityXtra recognise the enormity and importance of keeping your physical technology safe and secure.  By providing the best in security equipment, SecurityXtra along with the specialist team at Academia have compiled a must read list of reasons why your high-value items and essential data need to be secured and locked down.

  1. Computers are no longer just Desktops
    We are in the 21st century where on-the-go computers are all the rage – your desktop has become your laptop, tablet and mobile office all in one.  Lose it, lose out.
  1. It is 100% easier to steal hardware over software
    Only the professionally educated Cyber-criminal can master the art of stealing cloud based data.  Idle hands make light work of hardware.
  1. Resold stolen hardware has a higher value than unknown cloud data
    Selling a second-hand laptop is much easier to shift than sensitive data that is unknown to the unwise. You will look at car boot sales in a different way now.
  1. Thieves are opportunists
    Seeing something unlocked, unguarded and ready to be moved is an opportunity too hard to ignore from the casual criminal. Stealing cloud data is like clutching at thin air.
  2. Temptation is harder to resist if it is in front of you
    Even the innocent can become guilty. Students are under increasing peer pressure to misbehave and the idea of pocketing a tablet or two can be a temptation one step too far.
  3. Disruption is greater with missing hardware over software
    Walking into a classroom for an IT lesson that is bereft of all computer screens will be harder to teach than one that is missing data.  Other programs can be viewed, other screens will need to be replaced.

To learn more about your hardware technology security in the classroom options, talk to one of your security experts today at or call 01992 703 900

SecurityXtra are our partners in classroom locked down security for hardware devices, helping safeguard valuable physical assets in Education.


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