CRN Women in Channel Awards 2019

It’s been a big year for everyone at the Academia Group, both in numbers and performance, but more importantly for our People.  Not only did we achieve accreditation with the Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work For’, we were also recently informed that six of our incredible team are finalists in the 2019 CRN Women in Channel Awards.  This doubles the number of our finalists from 2018 – an incredible testament to both the exceptional women and men who make up our team.

It’s common knowledge that technology is ever-changing, and this means that workforces need to change in order to keep up.  It’s an exciting space to be in! With the many challenges facing the industry, most notably in talent, we firmly believe in our continued drive for development and growth. This attitude is cross-gender; we aim to support, stimulate, encourage, mentor and challenge those around us – top to bottom and left to right.  In this way, both men and women are encouraged to reach their full potential whilst at work (and home), driving their own personal development with the full support of the leadership at Academia. We’ve seen fantastic success from our team who are made to believe in their own ability and stretched to deliver outstanding results for themselves and the company.  Women have an enormous amount to offer the Channel and we’re committed to encouraging our team, new and old, to be ambitious in their thinking and bold in their actions.  Our women are testament to this.

The awards, created to “recognise the female role models that will inspire the next generation”, take place on the 17th October. Our shortlisted wonder-women (and men), along with some of the team’s comments about them, are:

Laura Wiesmann (“Marketing Employee of the Year: Reseller / Services”): A fairly recent but terrific addition to the team, Laura adds a level of organisation to the marketing department and another strong voice for delivering outstanding results.

Ashley Messina (“Role Model of the Year: Reseller / Services”): You only have to look at the individuals that have had Ash as their manager over the years.  Each and every one had developed in their careers and each of them have a great rapport with her too.  That must say a lot for their respect and relationship for and with Ash.  As the first female Director at Academia, she is a great example of how women have no limitations, even in prominently male environments.

Naomi Heiler (“Rising Star of the Year: Reseller / Services”): I hear nothing but good things about Naomi. Having earned high praise from her colleagues and customers in the short time she’s been with the team, clearly there’s lots of potential within her!

Lauren Price (“Rising Star of the Year: Reseller / Services”): Without a doubt, Lauren is a rising star, unsung hero and everything in between! She does so much behind the scenes that many aren’t aware of and she is constantly pushing herself to learn / do more.  It’s a pleasure to work with her and I believe she’s an individual our company cannot do without.

Julian Furne (“Executive Mentor of the Year” – male or female): Jules lives and breathes our core values – he is Academia at heart.  I have learned so much and lean on him a lot, through good days and bad.  Without fail, on every occasion he will make the time for me to reset my focus and remind me of what we are trying to achieve and working towards.

Tim Gillott (“Executive Mentor of the Year” – male or female): Tim acts as a mentor without even knowing it.  He is candid in his approach and generous with his time.  I rely on Tim for his ability to think on his feet and give clear, constructive feedback.  He does a lot more for the people in our team that others realise.

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