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In early 2020, with educational campuses closed and commercial facilities out of reach, those in the creative arts and industries sector had to quickly adapt to a new remote way of recording, designing, producing, teaching and collaborating.



The Creative team at Academia have worked closely with our software, hardware and service partners to keep our client’s and their students/staff operational while on premise computers labs, edit suites, recording studios, grading rooms and performance spaces are out of reach.


From a hardware perspective, it’s certainly more challenging to remotely replicate a professional game development workstation, multi-channel music recording studio or film production space, but notebooks, laptops, tablets and creative peripherals, tied in with cloud-based storage, processing and rendering, provide a solution to this.



By working ‘in the box’, students and professionals can be creative 24/7 and by working ‘in the cloud’, projects can be collaborated on, reviewed, submitted and signed off, whether you’re a student submitting your latest module to your tutor or a professional delivering that urgent project your client needed yesterday.


The Creative team at Academia can help with remote music, media, film, games, animation, art and design hardware solutions and workflows.



For CPU, GPU and RAM intensive Creative work and projects, we appreciate that end users may not have sufficient devices ‘at home’ or there may be software licensing issues and costs to consider.


With this in mind, Academia have partnered with a collection of remote access providers, to deliver a remote desktop access solution for macOS, Windows and Linux workstations on onsite. This ultimately allows general use PC/Mac Labs or specialist Edit Suites on your network to be remotely accessed by students/staff, with an optimised experience over any network.


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