Everyone Can Create

Everyone Can Create

Unleash creativity in the classroom


Apple was founded on the idea that technology can unleash creativity — and they’ve designed hardware and powerful apps like GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Clips and Swift Playgrounds to do just that. Technology can play a major role in helping every learner be a creator, and Apple knew they could do more to help teachers bring out the creative genius in every child. Because creativity needs champions, and nowhere is this more important than in the classroom.

Everyone Can Create Program

Two years ago, Apple launched the Everyone Can Code programme because they believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn to read and write code. Now they’re going even further with Everyone Can Create, which introduces students to the skills they need to express themselves through drawing, music, video and photography with iPad. And it gives teachers meaningful ways to bring these skills into every subject — so students can get more out of the powerful tools they have access to every day. Each guide provides a range of projects for students to learn vocabulary and techniques in a specific medium. And the Teacher Guide has 300 ideas on how to integrate the projects from each medium into maths, literacy and literature, history and social studies, science, and coding.


Everyone Can Create gives students the tools to develop and communicate ideas with iPad. It gives teachers projects to bring creativity to every subject, and parents new ways to engage with their children and nurture skills for learning and beyond. It’s about igniting and championing creative potential — because creativity is at the heart of what moves our world forwards.

Watch the Everyone Can Create Workshop

This workshop was delivered by Simon Pile at BETT 2019.


Simon  is a  passionate educator who puts creativity at the heart of the curriculum. In the classroom he looks to  inspire learners to think differently about what technology can do for them. As a result the children in his classrooms are authentic  creators  who  use  film, radio and the power of the written word to share their  work with a global audience.


In addition  Simon  runs the Brent Apple Regional Training Centre, is an Apple Distinguished Educator and sits on the Apple Education Advisory Board. He is also  an Into Film Ambassador and Editorial Board Member on the London Grid for Learning. In 2016 he was chosen as Teacher of the Year at the National Into Film Awards.


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