Apple for teacher? Inspiring and supporting educators

Apple is just as much there for teachers as it is for students. The aim is to provide intuitive technology that helps to inspire creativity in the classroom and give teachers greater ease of control over learning programmes, curriculums and education resources.

Educators are able to sign up to Apple Teacher, a free, self-paced professional learning programme that enables them to build skills on both iPad and Mac. Here, they can learn skills that relate directly to their day-to-day teaching. They can also earn recognition for newfound skills and enjoy easy access to apps, curriculums and resources for IT.

These invaluable teaching tools are designed to simplify day-to-day teaching tasks. The apps have been created to make classrooms more flexible, collaborative and personalised for each student.

With Augmented Reality apps on iPad classrooms can become galaxies, and historical events can be brought to life, making learning so much more immersive and engaging, enhancing student understanding in innovative new ways.

For teachers, the Classroom app turns an iPad and a Mac into a powerful teaching assistant. Teachers can have sight of every iPad in their class, enabling them to guide students as lessons progress and help them remain focused on the most relevant information and resources.

Classroom makes information access easy too. Teachers can share and receive files with their entire class, and show work up on the main screen, as well as share with individual pupils by simply using AirDrop. 

Additionally, the Schoolwork app empowers both teachers and students with the full creative potential of iPad. It lets teachers effortlessly ‘hand out’ and then collect assignments, enabling them to remain focused on and collaborate with individual students in real time, from anywhere.

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