Adobe CS6 – Retired from the Education Licensing Program

Adobe CS6 – Retired from the Education Licensing Program

In 2013 Adobe released the latest version of their creative software under a new brand ‘Adobe Creative Cloud’. With this release the only way educational institutions could purchase the software was through an annual rental license – Adobe Value Incentive Plan Program

For institutes that could not commit to an annual expenditure on their software, Adobe maintained the option for education customers to purchase the previous version of the software, CS6 as a one of cost under the CLP and TLP licensing programs.

From 28th February Adobe have announced they will be retiring the option for educational institutions to purchase the permanent version of their creative software, offering only the annual rental model Adobe Creative Cloud.

Why is this important?

If your organisation has been considering the use of Adobe software but cannot commit budget on an annual basis to fund this then you have a limited window of opportunity to purchase Adobe software as a one off permanent license.

Who could benefit from this?

  • Departments with a one off budget
  • Those who need the software for a 2- 3 years project
  • Those that require only a handful of Adobe applications rather than the full suite

If you fall into any of the above categories then act before 27th February

Not sure on how this will affect you?  Contact Academia today for a free consultation on your Adobe Licensing options.

Save 40% on Creative Cloud with Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan

For those institutions where Adobe Creative Cloud is a better fit we are delighted to announce the following time limited discounted promotion:

Existing Adobe CLP level 2 and level 3 education customers can lock in VIP Level 3 or Level 4 price points on any purchase over a two year period, saving up to 40% on your Adobe Creative Cloud software

Minimum purchase requirements apply:

  • Existing Adobe CLP Level 3 customers receive VIP Level 4 (initial minimum order 50 units)
  • Existing Adobe CLP Level 2 customers receive VIP Level 3 (initial minimum order 25 units)

An initial purchase must be made before 31st March to lock in this price point for a 2 year period, providing annual budget predictability for your Adobe software needs

Contact us today to understand the savings available to your organisation.

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