Support for Adobe Acrobat 2017 ends on 6th June 2022, so now’s the perfect time to switch to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Migrating to Acrobat Pro DC from Pro 2017 is not just a case of removing any potential security risks from your organisation. The new tools have a wealth of features which will allow your staff to be more productive, including some noticeable differences, such as:

  • Enable remote/hybrid teams to collaborate more effectively on documents no matter where they’re working — across desktop, web, or mobile. Maximize software investments by adding PDF tools to the applications teams rely on like Microsoft, Google, and Box;
  • Streamline software management and deployment with a web-based Admin Console;
  • Make software budgeting more predictable with an annual plan, and easily scale as needed with volume discounts for larger purchases;
  • Get ongoing access to the latest security updates and Acrobat’s new features.


Take a look at this extremely useful Comparison Guide of the various versions of Acrobat, which will help illustrate the main benefits of switching to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

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