Academia’s Customer Service representatives

By sticking to our core principles, the Academia CSR team can make sure every client is treated and respected the same. This is an essential way to run a business based on customer satisfaction leading to customer retention. While being the masters of our practice, we are also at the mercy of what we hear from others. Poor customer care is still a significant concern for many businesses, with the growing threat of social influencers helping to heighten issues in the long term customer support.

There is no correct masterplan for overcoming issues that are complicated at the best of times, but by having an award-winning team in place in the very first instance helps solve problems before they even start. With Michael, Jenny, Tilly, Stephen, Kirstie, Kibla and Naomi on board and on song 24 hours a day, we believe, no, we know we have the perfect team in place to respond to any impending technology crisis. Feel free to contact the support team today:

We promise to see from your point of view

We promise to be a company you can trust and rely on.

We promise to give you reliable and dependable advice.

We promise there will always be a steady flow of communication.

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