Academia were delighted to be able to accommodate a visit from 20 teaching staff from Finland in January 2020 to The BRIT School in Croydon

Ahead of a visit to London for The BETT Show, Adobe approached Academia to find a suitable school who could showcase how Adobe is used by teachers and students to support the workforce of the future. Having worked with The BRIT School for a number of years, we knew that a trip to Croydon would deliver exactly what the delegates wanted to see – how does Adobe support a creative learning platform aimed at arming students with the future ready skills development they need to be industry ready.

The BRIT School is the leading performing and creative arts school in the UK, providing a unique education experience for over 1,400 students aged between 14 and 19 in the fields of music, film, digital design, arts, production, as well as GCSE’s and A Levels.

Led by Anthony Milgate (Director of IT), Stuart Worden (Principal) and The BRIT School team, 20 teaching staff from Finland were able to witness teachers and students using Adobe software in classrooms, production rooms and studios.


The group from Finland are teaching 7-year old students upwards and also training teachers on how to use the various creative tools available to supplement a creative learning environment. Their aim was to witness how education embraces industry-leading solutions like Adobe and incorporates it into the curriculum with some clear driven outcomes.

The group left Croydon with a renewed enthusiasm and understanding for how Adobe fits into future skills development for their teachers and students. Whilst the group are at the start of their journey with Adobe, the general feedback was full of positivity and excitement for how they can incorporate many aspects of The BRIT School environment into their own.

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