Academia – A Company to watch in the year ahead

Academia – A Company to watch in the year ahead

How does a Business grow? There could be a million answers to this question and each one would merit a logical response on how a business can achieve strong commercial, financial and staff retention expansion.

Perhaps it is just down to brazen luck?  You created something that everyone wants and needs and therefore growth is the only option to meet ever increasing demand?

The question, for us, has a simple answer.  You grow because of your staff.

At Academia we have had the same policy for the past 15 years, excel at what we do in customer service, care and support and be the best of what we can be in Technology innovation.  Our partnerships with the biggest Technology vendors in the world are a testament to our ongoing commitment to creating solutions for Education, Business and Charities with our team of experts.  Experts who have been trained and skilled in all aspects of hardware and software understanding in relation to their product or service skillset.

With a team of over 100 staff across all areas of the UK, Academia are on hand to support all those who use us for our Technology services.  But in making sure our valued and essential staff are always highly thought of and respected in our own business, makes our core values of appreciating what you have an essential ingredient for our continued growth.

So it really did not come as any surprise when Academia were nominated as one of the key companies to watch in the coming year by the Best Companies platform, the body behind the Sunday Times best companies to work for annual lists.

With personal growth (all staff are invited to apply for all internal roles), team bonding and company benefits being all key highlights of our assessment, the company are proud and delighted to be included in such a high profile list. We feel this is a constant message of our commitment to offering the best in individual support and growth in the busy world of technology.

What does this nomination mean for our clients? Well, happy staff means happy service!—the-technology-group-103461

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