A Pie in the Face is no Disgrace – How Academia help charities in more ways than one

A Pie in the Face is no Disgrace.

A Pie in the Face is no Disgrace – How Academia help charities in more ways than one

Ever since the early days of Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chapman and the Marx Brothers has the fabled art of throwing a pie in someone’s face been seen as a simply hilarious act of comedy related shenanigans that will always raise a smile.  Let it be known however, that the recipient of the pie is not usually one of those to join in with the smiling…

If past efforts have not already been noted, it is clear to see that the Academia Group is unquestionably lead by a band of experienced directors and managers who know how to interact and become involved in company activities.  It is also clear that there really is no shame to what they are happy to do and indeed be subjected to in order to take part in – all for the name of charity.

With our charity partner Haven House (https://www.havenhouse.org.uk/), Academia recently took part in a Customer Experience day, an event to help understand the concerns, positives and educational feedback from our customers to make sure our Customer Support team improve with each project they take on board.  Whilst understanding where they can improve as well as realising what areas they are already exceptional in, the day ran hand in hand with the chance to raise money for an excellent cause.

Since 2003, Haven House Children’s Hospice has provided specialist care for over 900 families with children who have life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

Across North and North East London, West Essex and East Hertfordshire they provide a range of services to families to support them through the most difficult circumstances imaginable. These include planned respite, short break and end-of-life care, as well as services designed to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, across The White House, our Holistic Care Centre and in our local community.

What better way to raise money for a brilliant charity than throwing a pie in a Director’s face?

Set up by the CSR team, Mike Bacon, James Dancer, Mark McCormack, Tim Gillet and Brad Chuck were at the mercy of a round of bidding for the right to be the person to throw the aforementioned pie in the face of their apparent mentors….. In effect a bidding war across the entire company was created and battled with intense rivalry – the chance to throw a pie at the boss?

In the end, we managed to raise nearly £600 from bids that led the way with James Dancer, our Technical Director, ‘winning’ the highest bid from his own team…what then followed next was the inevitable:

A Pie in the Face is no Disgrace.


To find out more about what we do for charities, talk to us today:

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