10 Benefits of Using Google Apps for Education

10 Benefits of Using Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education” is one of the best solutions for messaging, collaboration, interactive learning and online classroom by Google.

The Education edition of Google Apps is equipped with all necessary tools for communication, collaboration, documentation, storage, sharing, learning and high security. Google Apps for Education includes Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawing), Sites, Groups and many more.

Here are 10 benefits of using Google Apps for Education:

1. Creating Tests

Teachers can use Google Form to create a test with multiple choice or text-based questions.

2. Sharing Tests

Due to Google Form, teachers can easily share tests with a class or embed an entire test or exam on Google Sites.

3. Using Google Calendar

Teachers can use Google Calendar and add all the classes, timetable or upcoming events to it. This can be either shared with selective users or kept public for the class to subscribe.

4. Interactivity with Google Docs

Google Docs is a very interactive app with lots of new features, such as research, add-on, embed gadgets and more.

5. Creating and Sharing Documents

Teachers can create documents and store them online in Google Drive, sharing with others with a choice of access.

6. Virtual Lessons

Google Hangout can be used by end-users or teachers for taking online classes.

7. Recording

Classes can be recorded and saved in the class-specific YouTube channel. Tutorials and webinars are the best way for students to learn and interact.

8. 1:1 Sessions

Through Google Hangouts, teachers and students can do 1-to-1 or 1-to-many text/audio/video chat sessions.

9. Controlling Apps

Google Apps admin can control all apps, access and sharing settings for their institute.

10. Manage and Monitor

Google Apps gives powerful control in the hands of admin to manage and monitor the use of the application.



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